The Awards

Best of Show                     

Irony Of The Harvest, Robert Klausing



1st - Jesse, Vickie Hover


2nd - Crow Killer, Dennis Broockerd


Honorable Mention - Blooming Yellow, Wanda Tyner



1st - Rhythm Bar, Jeffery Tamblyn


2nd - Come On In, Marianne Hamer


Honorable Mention - Cowgirl Accoutrements, Teresa Grove




1st - Folded, Flavored, Furled, Fantastic, Gayle Faulkner


2nd - Kaleidoscopic, Michael Phelps


Honorable Mention - Council Grove, Allen Collins

The Artists

David Alston

Gunther Cunningham

Jimi Hendrix

Ione Angilan

Bonsai Tray landscape #2

Bonsai Tray landscape #3

Nancy Basinski

Sunrise on Poppy Field

Summer Skies

Thunder and Rain

Gail Bean

Amusement Park

Start Again

Rita Beckford

"Is it Nap Time?"

Egret in Gold

Up Early

Ellie Behrmann

Apples in Blue Bowl 2

Red Lily

Tree Reflections

Dennis Broockerd

Crow Killer

71 Cutlass

Blues Man

Getting Longhorns

Uzz Buzz

Night Woods Dragonflies

Mike Byrne

Egg Timer

Mixmaster Bees

Michael Coleman

Grand Junction Monuments 2

Marjorie Powell Allen Chapel

Return to Chama

The Old Stagecoach

Alan Collins

Back Roads

Council Grove

Flatiron Eureka Springs

Jean Cook

Red Wing and Cattails

Anita Cox


Marla Craven


The Angel Oak

Ryan Delgado

I Once Was Lost

The Old Made New

Gayle Faulkner

Enchanted Forest




Loreta Feeback

Castel Shadows

Plant Live No 1


Linda Filby-Fisher

Leavings 2 A Telling Series

Unity 4 Medicine Wheel Series

Steven Greenwall

Under the Bridge

Teresa Grove

Cowgirl Accoutrements


Marianne Hamer

Come On In

Forgotten Refreshment

Storm Over the Badlands

Norma Herring

Aurora Fireworks

Moonflower Vignettes

Pussywillow Bouquet

Under The Mistletoe

Vickie Hover


Mary Beth Izard

A Drift

Pat Jessee

French Chinese Market

Wide Expanse

Steve Johnston

Clearing Fall Storm Yosemite Valley

Driving on Cobblestones Paris

El Capitan in Weather at Sunset

Riding on Cobblestones

Walking on Cobblestones

Lee Jost



Robert Klausing

Below the Failing Dam

Irony Of The Harvest

Late Winter Hike

Tallgrass Oasis

Marilyn Lyons

What Are You Looking At?

Jake Marshall

Birch Grove

Prairie Clouds

Red Barn in Snow

Joseph P McCauley Jr.

Mohamed Ali Mosque The Citadel, Cairo, Egypt 1983

The Nileometer Cairo, Egypt 1983

Connie Mowe

Down in the Glen

Road to the Top

Crystal Nederman

Fire Up the Sunset

Grant Nelson

West Bottoms Rain

Craig Niesen

Lone Tree - Riverside Missouri

Janet Owczarzak

Bloom'in Wagon

Mary Peterson

Blue Heron

Blue Ridge Mountain Waterfall

Michael Phelps




Robin Richerson

Pipe Dream

Carol Rubsam

Cad Red Apple and Pears

Cad Red Bowl of Balls

Cad Red Flamingo

Peter Smokorowski


Joshua Spengler

Autumn At Hodgson's

Drive In Caddy

Learning From The Past

Writer's Block

Karen Stair

Banks of the Blue

Becoming A Stream

Shari Stanberry

The Sinks

Debbie Stone

Big Scaly Fish

Diane Stolz

Lilac Scensation

Lilies and Copper

Twilight Snow at English Landing

Jeffrey Tamblyn


Rhythm Bar


Dawn Thomas

Georgia's Room

Pleine Aire Painter

Pueblo Shadows

Santa Fe Pottery Market

Still Life on Aboriginal Scarf

Lisarae Turnbull

Gingko Drops

Wanda Tyner

Blooming Yellow

Orange Patterned Pinwheel

Patriotic Pinwheel

Colleen Wagner

Fair of Face

Long Way to Go

Lost in the Maze

Working Hard for a Living

Michael Walsh

Belton Memorial Park

Celestial Wonder

Fence Mender

Mission Road

On The Fly

Vicki Watts

Old Lady in Cusco

San Francisco

Venice Beach

Michael C. Williams

Wild Mustangs

Thomas Wilson

A Rainy Night in Paris

City Gate-Cais Cais

Susan Wilson

Good Dog

Rainbow Promises

Want To Go For A Walk?

Larry Wolfe

3-2-1 Landing

Leaves an Impression

Renaissance Steel

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