Dennis Broockerd

 How I Got Started

I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember.  It started when I first opened my first box of Crayola's. Being able to create something by putting a pencil to a blank sheet of paper, or a loaded paint brush to a canvas, or a gouge to a good piece of wood is still magical.    For many years I thought my talent was rooted in Woodcarving. I carved my first piece in 1971. It was a Hawk that now belongs to a grandson. Hundreds of carvings have been made over last 48 years. 

My Mentors

I also took seminars from some truly outstanding teachers: Ian Norbury, Jeff Phares, Gerald Copeland, Rex Branson, Debbie Edwards, John Engler, Phil Bishop, Jim Willis, David Sabol, Stu Martin, Bruce Henn, Randy Landon, Harold Enlow, Ed Zinger, Gerald Sears, Ron Reed, Harley Schmitgen, Ron Raymer and others.   In 2012 I decided to paint. I found a wonderful teacher, Lee Hammond, who helped me develop my drawing skills. She taught line, lost and found edges, composition, hue color, value, tone, and much more. 

My Evolution and Focus as an Artist

I was the President of the Kansas City Woodcarving Club. I am a current member of  Images Gallery in Overland Park, Kansas. and The Senior Arts Council of Kansas City.   

Creativity, in my mind, involves having an idea, a good design, and the craftsmanship to make a pleasing piece of art. Photography is also key in my work. Learning to power through the ugly stages of every project is vital and knowing when to stop, All of these things can be learned, but the most important trait is DESIRE. Desire to start, to work, to overcome mistakes, and to finish.


I paint at least 12 hours ever week.  Just like playing a sport or an instrument, artists must practice.

My art reflects what I am interested in.  Currently I am into painting rock stars.  The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift to name a few.  I also paint Pictures of cowboys and American Indians, longhorn cattle, pets,  Movie Stars and regular people. I like to paint with vivid color.  Why be boring. ,  913 634 5845

(913) 232-7113

7320 W 80th St, Overland Park, KS 66204, USA

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