Gayle Faulkner

Gayle is an Images member displaying new work for this show. 

“Around the World”


30x30 image

Michael Phelps

My career as an artist is relatively new.  I started drawing in 2013.  In fact, this is my first invitation to mount a gallery show focused on my work.  I’m pleased and honored for my work to be shown at Images Art Gallery.  While I don’t have any formal training in drawing, I was intrigued with the mandala and what it represents.  I learned about the mandala in a Zentangle class at Unity Village where I work.  I work at Unity Village in their 24/7 prayer call in center.  I answers calls and while on the phone I simultaneously create these drawings.  What you are seeing in this exhibit are drawing that I have created while praying with people from around the world.  This “prayer language” keeps my mind centered and focus.  There is a lot of energy for the prayers and the callers in these are pieces.  I like to think that I have developed a unique style in my line drawings as well in my mandalas.  With the shading that I use, you get the depth, movement and a 3-D effect - the symbolalism of the mandalas.  I say these drawing are meditation pieces because you can sit and look at them and see something different every time.  Thank you for attending. 

Jeff Tamblyn

Robert Klausing

Robert Klausing has been a signature member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society since 1997 and has recently had artwork selected for the Arkansas Pastel Society national exhibit, the Prairie Village State-of-the-Arts Invitational, the Mid-America Pastel Society regional exhibit, and the Heartland Artist Exhibition in Merriam, Kansas.  He received his BFA in painting and BA in art education from the University of Nebraska-Kearney and his Masters Degree in Painting from the University of Central Missouri.  Robert is recently retired from the Lee’s Summit R7 school district where he spent the last 27 years teaching art and coaching sports in middle school and high school.  Now that he can more actively pursue his love of painting and creating, Robert paints the people, places, and scenes that have inspired him throughout his life. He currently creates work in acrylic, pastel, and oil.     

It took me 50 years to get serious about taking pictures. At 13, I sold greeting cards to my neighbors to earn the money for my first camera, a dirt-cheap point-and-shoot. I shot 2 rolls of film before it broke. The handful of photos went into an envelope along with the passion that made them possible, but when I see them now, I realize I wasn't taking snapshots — I was instinctively exploring color, lighting, motion and composition. Since then, I've had a lot of jobs: actor, waiter, writer, director, producer, promoter. But when I rediscovered the joy of creating still images with a camera, I found a sense of occupational purpose that had always been missing. And I rediscovered something my other jobs had never provided: the pleasure of communicating how the world makes me feel. Most of my work is instinctive and unplanned, guided by inspiration from photographers and painters I admire, and by a desire to capture my own emotions. I enjoy using post-production to reach for the intensity of place and moment I often feel while shooting.


This year, I'm proud to have been selected for two exhibitions at Images as well as the Emerging Artists Category at Art Westport in Kansas City, MO. 

Jeff Tamblyn

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